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Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals covers the line of classic and heritage products of Adidas. This section of the brand is exclusively made for the traditional and iconic products that include the brand’s earlier designs and specializes in the current and earlier fashion trends and also releases items in collaboration with high profile celebrities. Adidas Originals specializes in Apparel, sports clothing, classic Adidas bags and shirts, shoes and other sports accessories, and whereas “Adidas” only has footballs, Adilette and other sportswear and goods.

Since Adidas Originals is the line of classic products of Adidas, it specializes mainly in shoes, apparel and accessories.
The Apparel section consists of jackets, shirts and uppers for men and women, socks, sport shorts, firebird tracksuits, classic trefoil logo men and women shirts and tights for women.
The Shoes portion of this section defers from Adidas only as it has the designs of earlier fashions and designs made in collaboration with high profile celebrities. These designs include the classic and leading Supercourt, Rivalry Low, Stan Smith, A.R. Trainer, Continental80, and Superstar 80s.
The Accessories section contains classic goods of the brand, such as bag packs and bags, caps, beanies and sunglasses.

Adidas and Adidas Originals remain a popular life style icon of the world. With quite a strong reference for its products to the 1940s-1980s, Adidas Originals covers the sports fashion style very distinctively and in a very unique and specialized way that the fashion of today’s time demands. The distinct classic trefoil logo on the Adidas Originals products resonates the iconic silhouettes including SuperStar and Stan Smith that are collections designed as timeless classics with the ability to influence the future. The logo represents a larger and more diverse brand that it used to be while still keeping the classic Adidas look. The old school feel is reflected with the logo which is displayed distinctively on the heritage Adidas products. These products are usually limited edition and special types of clothing and shoes that are designed for color, character and fashion.